e-OHTAMA's laboratories: 6 locations in Kanagawa, Aichi and Yamanashi, Japan.

>>The list of the addresses and phones of each lab is here.

Ashigawa Lab Kamiku Lab Tokyo Lab Noborito Lab Fujimatsu Lab Kariya Lab

Tokyo Laboratory

Anechoic chambers for testing at 3m/10m distance and the shielded rooms are available, offering you EMC testing for various products from IT, indsutrial devices to medcial ecuipment.
Available services:Emission, Immunity, Noise suppression support

2-8-20, Kurigi, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 215-0033 JAPAN
Phone. 044-980-2050 Fax. 044-980-2052

Noborito Labratory

Multiple anechoic chambers for testing at 3m distance and shielded rooms mainly for Automotive/Millitary/Aerospace EMC testing.
Available services:Emission, Immunity, Noise suppression support

294 Noborito, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 214‐0014 JAPAN
Tel. 044-819-8601 Fax. 044-819-8603

Yamanashi EMC Center

Ashigawa Lab.(for Emission)

World-class open air test sites and more.
Available services:Emission, Noise suppression support

1661 Ohshuku, Ashigawa-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi 409-3704 JAPAN
Phone. 055-298-2141 Fax. 055-298-2125

Kamikuishiki Lab.

Effieicnt testing services for every applicable test.
Available services:Immunity, Noise suppression support

3415 Furuseki-machi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi 409-3712 JAPAN
Phone. 0555-88-2580 Fax. 0555-88-2588

Ashigawa Keiryu site

Open-air test site for too large construction machinery to be testesd in the chambers.
Available services: Emisshon and immunity for Construction Machinery.

1948 Furuseki-machi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi 409-3712 JAPAN
Phone.&Fax. Same as those of Ashigawa Lab.

Tokai EMC Center

Maltiple anechoic chambers and shielded rooms especially for automotive components.
Available services: Emission and immunity based on each car manufacturer's own standards, and more.

Kariya Ekimae Lab.

4-28 Wakamatsu-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi 448-0858 JAPAN
Tel. 0566-62-9241 Fax. 0566-62-9243

Fujimatsu Lab.

68 Fukido-ike, Imaoka-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi 448-0008 JAPAN
Tel. 0566-26-2890 Fax. 0566-26-2891