Noborito Laboratory

Exclusive for Automotive / Military / Aerospace EMC
Multiple Anechoic Chambers and Shieled rooms available

Accreditations:VLAC, VCA

In Noborito Lab, testing rooms exclusively designed for automotive, military and aerospace EMC are waiting for you. with the engineers all experiecned in those fields.

Each test chamber is secured by electronic security system to keep customers' confidential matters safe and secure.

Another new building (Bldg. B) was completed in June, 2018 to enable us deliver more testing to meet a growing market demand together with the existing Bldg. A.

Noborito Lab is equipped with the test rooms exclusive for automotive & military electronics EMC testing, while the engineers are all experienced in those fields. Also each test room is tightly kept safe with electronic security system to seal the secret of your products

登戸試験所 外観
Recently launched Noborito Lab. Building B.
Bldg.A (left) and B (right)
Passage in the lab
mesurement room
Measurement room
The door of 3m semi-anechoic chamber
(Door frame stays flat for EUT's
easier carrying in/out)
Inside of the 3m semi-anechoic chamber.

Testing Facilities

Anechoic Chamber for testing at 3m mesurement distance EMC testing for Automotive, Military, Aerospace electronics 5
Shielded Room EMC testing for Automotive, Military, Aerospace electronics(Conducted) 3

EMC Test Standards for Automotive Electronics

(The linked list is written in Japanese only)

EMC Test Standards for Automotive Electronics

MIL-STD-462、462D、461E~F(US military standard) NDS C0011B~C(Japan Defense Agency Standard)

TCA/DO-160D~G(Environmental test standards for airborne parts by American Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics)

JIS W 0812(Airborne equipment : environmental condtions & testing procedure) SSP 30237、30238Space standards)