Noise Suppression support

Handling emission noise suppression is clitical for faster production.
If you didn't meet the required EMC compliance by noise problems, e-OHTAMA can offer you more than help. Any emission problems should be soloved in the earlier stage of the design process.

Various EMC noise problems would happen at any stages from planning the products to EMC testing. e-OHTAMA could give you ultimate solutions by EMI suppression experts highly experienced with EMC testing, circuit planning, and circuit board / outer parts design.

Valuable solutions will be brought to you in a short period of time by e-OHTAMA through detecting noise source and its route, making plans for the specific product and assuming that the plan should work well.

Our skilled engineers cover wide range of products such as IT equipment and medical / car electronic devices. Any services can be available in our test laboratory as well as in customers' sites, including noise analysis and noise simulation.

We promise to pay you back half the charge in case there is no improvement once our EMI suppression support offered.

Service details

Review the design

Noise engineer to review a plan at the stage of product designing so that most efficient noise solutions for producing can be available.

Consulting support during EMC testing

Our engineers exclusively in charge of noise suppression services attend to the EMC testing in addition to EMC test engineers.

On-site noise support services

Our noise engineers visit customers' s site to give a support to meet the EMC test compliance.

On-site analyzing service

Our engineers visit the customera' site to do some partial testing and offer our support to meed the test compliance.

Product deposit service (analize)

Pre-test for pre-products and those before meeting the compliane. Customers will get our comments what the problems are.

Product deposit services

Noise engineers actually do the noise reduction support for the deposited products. (Non Disclosure Agreement is available if required.)

Service flow chart (for deposit service)